Dear Customers and Website Visitors:

2019 has proven to be an exciting year of change! We’ve made several advancements we hope will significantly improve our content and customer service.

We have a new platform and website team whom we pushed to build a clean and streamlined interface: less clutter, no dated banners, and a crisp, modern look.

We are committed to high availability and service level. We want to hear from you through our easy-to-reach communication channels and commit to getting back to you within one business day.

  • Call us Toll-Free in Canada (1-800-263-5995) or the USA (1-800-567-1775)
  • Reach us via email at 
  • Or use our Chat Feature available on many of our website pages. We’re piloting a new mechanism to support you while you are visiting us online.

And lastly, we’re also updating all marketing material, including packaging for our NXP and Zodia brands, which means that by the end of 2019 – we’ll have a refreshed look at everything we offer.

Stay tuned for more, and thanks for your ongoing loyalty.