Specials & Clearance Items



CS-0502 letter size e-file hop inc
Product No.NameDescriptionPrice/EA
NS-M02BKThree-layer Face MaskBlack, Three-layer, Nano-silver, Anti-bacterial Face Mask$4.85
NS-M02CMThree-layer Face MaskCream, Three-layer, Nano-silver, Anti-bacterial Face Mask$4.85
NS-M02TEThree-layer Face MaskTaupe, Three-layer, Nano-silver, Anti-bacterial Face Mask$4.85
CS-0502 letter size e-file hop inc
Product No.NameDescriptionPrice/EA
FS-PETOSAdjustable Face ShieldAnti-fog, Extra Comfort Face Shield$3.25



cs-1029 plain paper copier tabs
Product No.NameDescription
CS-10291/3 Cut Paper Copier TabsPlain, Reverse
CS-10331/4 Cut Paper Copier TabsPlain, Reverse
CS-10551/10 Cut Paper Copier TabsPlain, Reverse
CS-10722 or 4 Position Paper Copier TabsPlain
CS-10733 Position Paper Copier TabsPlain
CS-32251/3 Cut Trilar Copier TabsClear, Reverse
CS-32291/6 Cut Trilar Copier TabsClear, Reverse



Product No.NameDescriptionPrice/EA
CS-0028BKSlide Clamp1/4'' Black Slide Clamp$0.10
CS-0038BKPress Snaps3/8'' Black Press Snaps$0.50
Product No.NameDescriptionPrice/EA
CS-105ABKLinen Cover8.5'' x 11'' Black Linen Cover$0.10
CS-105ANYLinen Cover8.5'' x 11'' Navy Linen Cover$0.10
CS-106DIYGrain Cover8.5'' x 14'' Ivory Grain Cover$0.15
CS-106DNYGrain Cover8.5'' x 14'' Navy Grain Cover$0.20
CS-106DSYGrain Cover8.5'' x 14'' Sky Grey Grain Cover$0.20
Product No.NameDescriptionPrice/EA
CS-AP210BClear Cover w/ Round Corners8.75" x 11.25" Clear Cover w/ Round Corners$0.10
CS-M0411Clear Cover w/ Square Corners4.25'' x 11'' Clear Cover w/ Square Corners$0.05
CS-M0713Clear Cover w/ Square Corners7'' x 13'' Clear Cover w/ Square Corners$0.10
CS-M512812Clear Cover w/ Square Corners5.5'' x 8.5'' Clear Cover w/ Square Corners$0.05
CS-4020 flic file letter size
Product No.NameDescriptionPrice/EA
CS-4020Flic FileLetter Size$1.00
CS-409A vinyl page holder
Product No.NameDescriptionPrice/EA
CS-409AVinyl Page HolderClear$0.29
CS-5090Insertable Index TabClear, 5-Pack
CS-7770 diagonal holder
Product No.NameDescription
CS-7770Diagonal Holder
Velvet Office Set
Product No.NameDescription
GA-24292Document TrayVelvety
GA-24293Business Card HolderVelvety
GA-24294Letter HolderVelvety
GA-24295Pen CupVelvety
GA-24297Magazine HolderVelvety
GA-24299Memo HolderVelvety
Cardinal Set desktop
Product No.NameDescription
GA-30159Stackable Document TrayCardinal
GA-30164Letter HolderCardinal
GA-30166Pen CupCardinal
Bishop Set desktop
Product No.NameDescription
GA-30265Letter HolderBishop
GA-30266Pen CupBishop
GA-30459Stackable Document TrayBishop
GA-30464Letter HolderBishop
GA-30466Pen CupBishop
ebony desktop set
Product No.NameDescription
GA-303183-Section Document OrganizerEbony
GA-30322Letter HolderEbony
GA-30325Memo HolderEbony
Hazelnut Full Office Set
Product No.NameDescription
GA-30606Business Card HolderHazelnut
GA-30607Document TrayHazelnut
GA-30609Magazine HolderHazelnut
Product No.NameDescription
GA-62201Large 3D WastebasketSilver Alphabet
GA-62202Large 3D WastebasketSilver Rings
GA-62204Large 3D WastebasketRed Aquarium
GA-62205Large 3D WastebasketBoxy Orange
laminating film rolls
Product No.NameDescription
LP-2515-21425" x 500' x 1.5 mlLaminating Film
LP-2515-214PO25" x 500' x 1.5 ml Poly OutLaminating Film
LP-2515-250-214PO25" x 250' x 1.5 ml Poly OutLaminating Film
Product No.NameDescriptionPrice/EA
PB-0219RGN1/4" 19 RingGreen/Verte$1.35
PB-0319RGN5/16" 19 RingGreen/Verte$1.50
PB-0419RGD3/8" 19 RingGold/D'or$4.65
PB-0519RGN7/16" 19 RingGreen/Verte$1.40
PB-0719RGN9/16" 19 RingGreen/Verte$1.80
PB-0819RGN5/8" 19 RingGreen/Verte$3.70
PB-0919RGN3/4" 19 RingGreen/Verte$4.25
PB-1019RGY7/8" 19 RingGrey/Gris
PB-1619RMN2" 19 RingMaroon/Maron$4.15
Twin Wire Spool
Product No.NameDescriptionPrice/EA
PB-TW2109SWE3/4" Twin Wire SpoolWhite, 2:1 Pitch$39.00
PB-TW2110SBE7/8" Twin Wire SpoolBlue, 2:1 Pitch$35.00
PB-TW2110SRD7/8" Twin Wire SpoolRed, 2:1 Pitch$35.00
PB-TW2110SSR7/8" Twin Wire SpoolSilver, 2:1 Pitch$37.00
PB-TW2110SWE7/8" Twin Wire SpoolWhite, 2:1 Pitch$35.00
PB-TW2111SBE1" Twin Wire SpoolBlue, 2:1 Pitch$30.00
PB-TW2111SBK1" Twin Wire SpoolBlack, 2:1 Pitch$30.00
PB-TW2111SRD1" Twin Wire SpoolRed, 2:1 Pitch$30.00
PB-TW2111SWE1" Twin Wire SpoolWhite, 2:1 Pitch$30.00
PB-TW2112SBE1-1/8" Twin Wire SpoolBlue, 2:1 Pitch$41.00
PB-TW2113SBK1-1/4" Twin Wire SpoolBlack, 2:1 Pitch$32.00
PB-TW2113SRD1-1/4" Twin Wire SpoolRed, 2:1 Pitch$33.00
PB-TW2113SSR1-1/4" Twin Wire SpoolSilver, 2:1 Pitch$34.00
PB-TW2113SWE1-1/4" Twin Wire SpoolWhite, 2:1 Pitch$32.00
PB-TW3102SRD1-1/4" Twin Wire SpoolRed, 3:1 Pitch$95.00
PB-TW3105SBE1-1/4" Twin Wire SpoolBlue, 3:1 Pitch$68.00
PB-TW2112SRD1-1/8" Twin Wire SpoolRed, 2:1 Pitch$41.00
PB-TW2112SSR1-1/8" Twin Wire SpoolSilver, 2:1 Pitch$43.00
PB-TW2112SWE1-1/8" Twin Wire SpoolWhite, 2:1 Pitch$39.00
PB-TW2113SBE1-1/4" Twin Wire SpoolBlue, 2:1 Pitch$41.00
ph-a109bk elastic with ball loop
Product No.NameDescription
PH-A109BK9" Elastic with Ball LoopBlack
PH-A2305C 3/8" polypropylene thumbsnaps
Product No.NameDescription
PH-A2305C3/8" Polypropylene Thumbsnaps
print holder print protector
Product No.NameDescriptionPrice/EA
PH-H0212302 1/2" x 3" Print Holder$7.00
PH-H02144WE2 1/4" x 4 1/8" Print HolderWhite$7.00
PH-H02343782 3/4" x 3 7/8" Print Holder$5.00
PH-H08123128 1/2" x 3 1/2" Print Holder$11.00
PH-H083588" x 3 5/8" Print Protector
PH-H1131411" x 3 1/4" Print Holder
PH-A301050 1/2" basket sign holder
Product No.NameDescription
PH-A3010501/2" Basket Sign HolderSilver
PH-A350 wire basket label holder
Product No.NameDescription
PH-A350Wire Basket Label Holder
VA-0460SA self adhesive pouch
Product No.NameDescriptionPrice/EA
VA-0460SA4" x 6" Self Adhesive Pouch$32.00
VA-0500 travel ticket wallet
Product No.NameDescription
VA-0500Travel Ticket WalletClear
va-0502 passport holder
Product No.NameDescription
VA-0502Passport HolderMatte Finish
LP-7500WE vinyl holder and string
Product No.NameDescription
LP-7500WEVinyl Holders and Strings 4¼" x 3¼"