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Cafe Style Clear Menu Covers

Stitched clear cover with colour trim and reinforced with gold or black metal corners. Quantity per box is 25.

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cafe style clear menu cover styles

Single Pocket Menu Covers, Two Pages

Product No.SizeColourPrice/Each
VA-2040ABK8.5" x 11"Black$3.00
VA-2040AWE8.5" x 11"Wine$3.00
VA-2020ABK8.5" x 14"Black$3.26
VA-2020AWE8.5" x 14"Wine$3.26

Double Pocket Menu Covers, Four Pages

Product No.SizeColourPrice/Each
VA-2040BBK8.5" x 11"Black$5.54
VA-2040BWE8.5" x 11"Wine$5.54
VA-2040BHN8.5" x 11"Hunter Green$5.54
VA-2040BBY8.5" x 11"Burgundy$5.54
VA-2040BCL8.5" x 11"Charcoal$5.54
VA-2020BBK8.5" x 14"Black$6.03
VA-2020BWE8.5" x 14"Wine$6.03
VA-2030BBK5.5" x 8.5"Black$4.80
VA-2030BWE5.5" x 8.5"Wine$4.80

Triple Pocket Menu Covers, Six Pages

Product No.SizeColourPrice/Each
VA-2040CBK8.5" x 11"Black$6.37
VA-2040CWE8.5" x 11"Wine$6.37
VA-2040CBY8.5" x 11"Burgundy$6.37
VA-2040CCL8.5" x 11"Charcoal$6.37
VA-2020CBK8.5" x 14"Black$6.81
VA-2020CWE8.5" x 14"Wine$6.81

Triple Book Menu Covers, Six Pages

Product No.SizeColourPrice/Each
VA-2040FBK8.5" x 11"Black$6.81
VA-2040FWE8.5" x 11"Wine$6.81
VA-2040FCL8.5" x 11"Charcoal$6.81
VA-2020FBK8.5" x 14"Black$7.25
VA-2020FWE8.5" x 14"Wine$7.25

Quadruple Menu Covers, Eight Pages

Product No.SizeColourPrice/Each
VA-2040DBK8.5" x 11"Black$9.47
VA-2040DWE8.5" x 11"Wine$9.47
VA-2020DBK8.5" x 14"Black$9.99
VA-2020DWE8.5" x 14"Wine$9.99


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