Laminating Pouches

Preserve and protect important documents with NXP’s high quality Laminating Pouches. Available in a variety of sizes from business card to menus.

Composition PET/EVA/PE

For slot punching, add $12 per 100 pouches.

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Small Card Pouches

Product No.DescriptionPouch SizeThicknessQty/Box
LP-2200-32Business Card Pouch2.25" x 3.75"5 mil100
LP-2200-64Business Card Pouch2.25" x 3.75"10 mil100
LP-2201-32IBM Card Pouch2.3125" x 3.25"5 mil100
LP-2201-64IBM Card Pouch2.3125" x 3.25"10 mil100
LP-2201-645IBM Card Pouch2.3125" x 3.25"10 mil500
LP-2203-64Credit Card Pouch2.125" x 3.375"10 mil100
LP-2204-32Government / Military Pouch2.625" x 3.875"5 mil100
LP-2204-64Government / Military Pouch2.625" x 3.875"10 mil100
LP-2235-32File (Index) Card Pouch3.5" x 5.5"5 mil100

Luggage Pouches

Product No.DescriptionPouch SizeThicknessQty/Box
LP-2205-32Luggage Tag Pouch2.5" x 4.25"5 mil100
LP-2205-64Luggage Tag Pouch2.5" x 4.25"10 mil100
LP-2205-645LSSLuggage Tag, Sealed Long w/ Slot Short2.5" x 4.25"10 mil500
LP-1900-32Luggage Tag Pouch - No Slot2.5" x 4.25"5 mil100

Medium & Large Card Pouches

Product No.DescriptionPouch SizeThicknessQty/Box
LP-2239-12Half Letter Pouch6" x 9"3 mil100
LP-2211-12Letter Size Pouch9" x 11.5"3 mil100
LP-2211-1250Letter Size Pouch9" x 11.5"3 mil50
LP-2211-32Letter Size Pouch9" x 11.5"5 mil100
LP-2211-3250Letter Size Pouch9" x 11.5"5 mil50
LP-2211-64Letter Size Pouch9" x 11.5"10 mil50
LP-2214-12Legal Size Pouch9" x 14.5"3 mil100
LP-2214-32Legal Size Pouch9" x 14.5"5 mil100
LP-2214-64Legal Size Pouch9" x 14.5"10 mil50
LP-2218-12Menu Size Pouch12" x 18"3 mil100
LP-2218-32Menu Size Pouch12" x 18"5 mil100
LP-2218-46Menu Size Pouch12" x 18"10 mil50

Matte Laminating Pouches

Product No.DescriptionPouch SizeThicknessQty/Box
LP-2211-32MSingle Sided Matte Letter Pouch9" x 11.5"5 mil100
LP-2211-32M2Double Sided Matte Letter Pouch9" x 11.5"5 mil100

MSDS available upon request.