Print Protectors

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Print Protector Rigid PVC Pocket

Made from high-quality rigid PVC, these print protectors are a sure bet when protecting and displaying the projects that matter.

Print holders are ideal for menus displays, posters, prints, signage, maps, photographs, and much more. The possibility is endless.

No laminator is required. Our line is rated archival quality, acid-free, and 100% Free of stearates, meaning essential prints, documents, and photos will not stick to the transparent plastic protector. The ink from the photos will not “migrate.” Plus, our protectors offer optimum protection and visual appeal, made from two sleeves of 16mil rigid PVC mended on three sides with a .040 gauge opening and a 1/8″ inside tolerance for easy insertion.

Check out our selection of sizes below!

Product No.Size
PH-H031253.5" x 5"
PH-H03125123.5" x 5.5"
PH-H046004" x 6"
PH-H05123125.5" x 3.5"
PH-H051275.5" x 7"
PH-H071107" x 11"
PH-H081218.5" x 11"
PH-H0812148.5" x 14"
PH-H1141411" x 4.25"
PH-H117011" x 7"
PH-H1117011" x 17"
PH-H1620016" x 20"