Print Protectors

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Print Protector Rigid PVC Pocket

25 pieces per pack.

Rigid PVC. Reusable for display projects. Acid and stearate free so photos/inserts are protected and won’t stick. 16 mil rigid PVC.

Opening is .040 gauge and 1/8” inside tolerance for easy insertion.

Product No.SizePrice/Pack
PH-H031253.5" x 5"$20.75
PH-H03125123.5" x 5.5"$21.50
PH-H046004" x 6"$25.00
PH-H05123125.5" x 3.5"$21.50
PH-H051275.5" x 7"$36.75
PH-H071107" x 11"$86.00
PH-H081218.5" x 11"$92.25
PH-H0812148.5" x 14"$104.25
PH-H1141411" x 4.25"$70.25
PH-H117011" x 7"$86.00
PH-H1117011" x 17"$139.00
PH-H1620016" x 20"$233.25