Paper Covers

Image is important. Give your most important presentations and documents the attention they deserve. Available in Black, Navy linen, Persian Blue linen and leather grain finish with either round or square corners.

100 pieces per pack.

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Paper Covers

Product No.SizeColourFinishCorners
CS-104ABK8.5" x 11"BlackLinenSquare
CS-104APE8.5" x 11"Persian BlueLinenSquare
CS-104ANY8.5" x 11"NavyLinenSquare
CS-104BBK8.75" x 11.25"BlackLinenRound
CS-104BPE8.75" x 11.25"Persian BlueLinenRound
CS-104BNY8.75" x 11.25"NavyLinenRound
CS-104DBK8.75" x 14.25"BlackLinenRound
CS-104DPE8.75" x 14.25"Persian BlueLinenRound
CS-104DNY8.75" x 14.25"NavyLinenRound
CS-104GBK11" x 17"BlackLinenSquare
CS-104GPE11" x 17"Persian BlueLinenSquare
CS-104GNY11" x 17"NavyLinenSquare
CS-106ABK8.5" x 11"BlackLeather GrainSquare
CS-106BBK8.75" x 11.25"BlackLeather GrainRound
CS-106DBK8.75" x 14.25"BlackLeather GrainRound
CS-106GBK11" x 17"BlackLeather GrainSquare

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